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Papercraft World Gorilla Gold Model Making, PaperCraft World

PRE-CUT and PRE-FOLDED PaperCraft.

Strong and mighty but graceful and intelligent, gorillas are compassionate but forceful animals with feelings and perception. Creatures this powerful are of course deserving of homage. Positioned on all fours, our 3D paper gorilla can be used as a shelf ornament or table decoration to show off your appreciation for these unique apes.

Enjoy a calming and rewarding experience.

Bring life and character to any room.

An excellent bonding activity for family and friends of all ages.

Disconnect from devices and reconnect to creativity.

This product comes in practical pre-cut and pre-creased numbered pieces and is not intended only for arts and crafts enthusiasts. This product is made for anyone and everyone and only requires a little patience and time. Just follow the instructions and have fun!

No scissors needed.

100% recycled materials and fully recyclable.

Difficulty: ★★★ Normal
Measures HxWxD (cm/in): 46cm x 26cm x 50cm / 18.1" x 10.2" x 19.7"
Material:  Fortified 250gsm paperboard (pearlescent) - in other words, it’s strong!