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Introducing the Peak Dale Products Virtual Rep

  • What is the Peak Dale Products Virtual Rep?

    A rep is a person who usually comes to your place of work to have a chat and get to know you and your company. Then a rep recommends products you might have missed or not seen that would suit you and your company.
    We thought it would be easier/more convenient/COVID safer for customers to do this virtually. This is where the Virtual Rep came from.

  • How does it work? 

    Firstly a customer would click on the link below which will take them to our booking page on Facebook. The customer would then choose a time and date for a rep to call. The booking would then be approved or changed by the rep. After this, a rep will contact the customer to confirm the method, whether it's Facetime, Messenger video chat, Whatsapp video chat, Skype, Teams or any other method of the customer's choosing.

  • What can we discuss?

    Anything business-related. We can discuss how to navigate the website, showing the customer tips and tricks to speed up ordering and features of the website, talk about product ranges that might suit you and your company, go in-depth into specific products showing the customer how it works and product features and many more subjects.

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